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This blog has moved

Posted by Dyfed Roberts on Monday, November 18, 2013

This blog has moved to

I have been looking for more flexibility in the blogging platform and so have moved to Wordpress at the above address.

  • If you’ve been receiving this blog via email then you’ll still get posts from the new address without having to change anything.

  • If you’ve receiving posts via a feeder then you will need to change your settings. The new feed address is

I will be publicising my posts via social media as before.

Thanks for reading!

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The Theory of Cognitive Dissonance and Faith Journeys

Posted by Dyfed Roberts on Friday, November 15, 2013 In : Pentecost 

Can the theory of cognitive dissonance inform our faith journeys?

You’re probably aware that cognitive dissonance is the uneasy feeling you get when your expected outcomes don’t materialise or when something you believe in is challenged by a different set of propositions. We all know the feeling: it’s your wedding anniversary and though you expect a special gift, your spouse buys you a new electric toothbrush. Dissonance is the feeling you have as your expectation is disconfirmed.


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St Peter's Bones and the Story of the Church

Posted by Dyfed Roberts on Thursday, November 14, 2013 In : Post-Christendom 

In major news this week the Vatican has announced that St Peter’s bones will be displayed publically for the very first time. To mark the end of the ‘Year of Faith’ the mortal remains of the apostle and ‘first pope’ are to be exhibited at St Peter’s Tomb in the Vatican. This will be of great news to the Catholic faithful and to be honest I wouldn’t mind a trip over there myself.

Peter and Vatican Hill

Tradition has it that Peter was martyred in Rome in the mid-60s CE and that his ...

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The Call to Ministry

Posted by Dyfed Roberts on Monday, November 11, 2013 In : Random 

The warm, diesel-laden breeze wiped my face as I crossed the platform for my connecting train. Most stations probably share this wind-tunnel effect and I had experienced it in Chester on a weekly basis. That day was different, however, for my mind was focussed elsewhere as I knew that this regular journey to Liverpool polytechnic would soon cease. The decision had been made.

I was so certain that day.  Since then I have asked myself the question many times: Should I ever have entered full time...

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The Body and Soul at Death and Resurrection

Posted by Dyfed Roberts on Friday, November 8, 2013 In : Resurrection 

In his study of Jewish apocalyptic literature D. S. Russell says this about the Jewish thinking about the body and soul at death and resurrection:
  • ‘The typical Old Testament conception of Sheol as the abode of the shades remained the orthodox belief of Judaism down to the second century BC and continued to be securely held long after that date particularly by the Sadducean party.’

Russell makes the following statements about this orthodox Hebrew thought about death, the soul and the afterli...

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